Cambridge Week 2: Nance Drew to the Rescue

Cambridge Day 4-12 “Smart Phones, Stupid People”

The Mission: Nancy Drew here! The phone saga is over. A 30 second error of leaving the phone on the bus, has cost me days of misery. Ok, misery is a slight exaggeration. I have lodging, food, friends and money – but the inconvenience of not being mobile in a new city is quite debilitating. While I do have some time to explore Cambridge and surrounding towns, my first purpose is to work in schools Monday through Friday collecting evidence towards my PhD in literacy. The mobile device is a critical tool for navigating bus times, school locations, and communicating with the other members in the program. Not to mention, the impractical rose gold phone Michael Kors case which conveniently held all of my IDs, credit and debit cards – also disappeared with the missing phone. Nancy Drew: Communication and Budget Impaired – two catalysts for solving the mystery. When a girl loses her rose gold MK case filled with missed possible shopping opportunities, she springs into action!

The Recovery: The moment the bus drove away in the rain as I was left handling three overstuffed pieces of luggage, I begged a bus rider stranger to let me use her cell to call National Express, the bus company I chartered. She handed me the phone and when I looked at the number, I realized I was “England phone digit impaired”. The number was something like +00 8394838 03039 94984 … again another exaggeration, but I couldn’t find the + sign on the phone pad to even start the process. She dialed for me, I expressed my panic – but clearly, I was alone in my sense of urgency. Days 2-11 were a combination of investigating, hunting, stalking, Facebook friending, calling, Tweeting, iPhone finding, pinging – all directed at the bus driver of my coach (bus). He finally answered one of our SOS calls on my “lost” phone and my son obtained his name. I now learned through the process of inquiry that National Express is just the brand name and the actual bus company was named Whippet (as written in tiny font letters on the door that holds the luggage cargo). Let me polish my magnifying glass.

My investigation shifted focus and I learned the entire staff by the names of David, Peter and Steven and I was known as “The Girl Quite Determined to Get Her Phone Back!”.  Through some persuasion and probably a lot of just wanting me to stop calling from the house phone, they gave me the bus driver’s schedule and I met him at the Parkside stop and introduced myself. 24 hours later and a 36 pound cab ride, I ventured to the pit of the bus depot in the business district where I was united with my deactivated “Rosie the Lost Mobile”, Michael Kors and all of my cancelled credit cards. Mission accomplished.

The Lessons:

  • Phones are smart, people are stupid. The irony of losing a phone but needing a phone to prove your identify, just unlocking passwords became an ironic joke, “need your number so we can contact you”, blah blah blah…caused me several meltdowns!
  • No matter how cute the phone case, do NOT put all of your eggs in one basket. Put your cards in a DIFFERENT location. (my husband told me this over and over…)
  • Overnight shipping does not mean you get a new phone overnight – you get it 5 days later. ( Overnight Shipping – “You keep a using that a word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya)
  • Customs will block your new phone from entering the country – save your insurance claim, email them with the proof and wait for them to call you— on the phone, that is in the box they have yet to send you.
  • Stalking is not beneath you. Stalk the bus driver on Facebook, at the bus stop, wherever you can.
  • Most importantly: Never, ever, ever, give up!

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