Cambridge Week 2: “Common sense is what tells us the Earth is flat.” – Albert Einstein

I have become a flat earther. I can’t believe it actually happened. For years I resisted. I have protested. I have finally succumbed to the pressure.

Since June 7, my Fitbit has registered over 224,000 steps. In order to travel across Cambridge you either walk, walk to a bus, walk away from a bus, walk away from bikers , walk to eat, walk to shop, walk…walk…walk.

If you know me, I am a lover of shoes. Heels to be honest. Stilettos to be precisely accurate. I love all things tall, sexy, and elegant. There is no way on this green, round, blue marble can I navigate Cambridge in my usual stock of height enhancing footwear. Cobblestone is a beautiful footprint of the history of this town, but a dangerous threat to the 120 mm sculpted heel.

No one believed it could be done- this conversion of a heel obsessed city girl to a legging wearing, flat earther. As I packed for this trip, I promised I would not bring one pair of heels. I actually went into my closet and explained to my most loyal pairs, with great guilt, they would not be allowed on the trip. As I loaded the suitcase with layers of clothes, I would add shoes, weigh the bag, remove shoes, weigh the bag…until finally I decided to bring an extra bag for the shoes.


I admit now, that the decision to part ways with my wedges, platforms, pumps, peep toes and stilettos was excruciating. But 224,000 steps later (110 miles but who is counting) my tootsies are grateful.

So who made the cut? Converse, Asics, Tory Burch, sandals, duck boots and ballerina flats in blue, black and nude. My shoe family at home is waiting patiently for my return. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw ” Hi! I am not here right now. But my shoes are. Leave them a message!”

I will be a flat earther until July 7. At that time, I will board the Chunnel with my hubby and head to Paris, where I may or may not stop into Christopher Louboutin’s and add a new VIP member to the team (my first pair). At that moment, my flat earther membership will be revoked and I will magically grow from  a vertically challenged 5’3 1/2 to a statuesque 5’7 – that is if I remember how to walk in them!

Proof of my temporary flat earth membership:

PS…the world is round. Just in case I needed to say it.


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