How to write your reference section for your first factorial ANOVA (not really).

Excerpt from my first STATS 2 factorial ANOVA

It has taken me 7 days to stutter 558 words. Normally, I can fluently speak 558 words in less than 3 minutes. However, as a PhD student of literacy studies taking STATS 2 this semester, I have hit my proverbial academic vocabulary “wall”. While I can look at the numbers and determine statistical significance, turning statistical data into statistical language is truly a cognitively complex task that requires “whining” and “wine-ing”.

I would be remiss to take credit for completing this task on my own. I relied on several sources to help me and I struggled with how to give proper credit to all of those who served as mentors, knowledgeable others and support pets.

I must give credit, where credit is due.

I am not sure of my grade, but I know this.. I have never been more convicted in my wrongness. I am sure I have created 558 words of babble, garbled ideas and confused analyses. However, I have learned in the process. I have birthed an ugly writing piece but I am in love with it. It is my ugly baby. It is my thinking on paper. In 5 years, I will look back at this blog and laugh at my emerging self.

But right now, I am proud of stuttering 558 words of statistical nonsense and must pay gratitude in writing to all who have supported my confusion 🙂


Amazon (2020). Distraction and poverty and boxes. Ruskin, FL.

Coopershawk (2020). Almond sparkling. Tampa, FL.

Coopershawk (2020). Sparkling rosé. Tampa, FL.

Google (2020). Stats help or I am going to freak. Mountainview, CA.

Jesus (4 BC..I think). Prayers daily. Tampa, FL.

LaMarca (2020). Prosecco. Italy.

People (1940-present). Facebook “friends“. USA

Teston, Bella & Luna (2018). My two yorkies. Tampa, FL.

YouTube (2020). Any stats subscription I understand. San Bruno, CA.

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